GWG Rewards

GWG Rewards Overview

Our model of direct merchant relationships allows loyalty program members to convert points in-store and real-time. This instant, gratifying availability combats the showrooming trend in a very effective, innovative way. Mobile redemption, in-store barcode scanning and other innovative applications create an efficient channel that gets consumers excited.

GWG Rewards products can provide one off incentives as well as longer term loyalty and channel reward programs with full support and reporting as well as on and offline integration.

In fact, identifying the motivational influences and appropriate incentives throughout channel is essential.

1. Reseller/Dealer Programs

2. Support Consumer Promotions

3. Incentive Programs

4. Trade Rewards

More opportunity to inspire and motivate if the rewards on offer are exciting, and the incentives are engaging, as opposed to a simple rebate or discount which offers no real excitement Rewards Come True offer the perfect solution for channel rewards.

Rewards offer a myriad of possibilities for driving your business and with a partner like Rewards Come True, creatively stimulate behaviour at various touchpoints in the channel.

1. Stimulate Target Performance

2. Reward for Purchasing a wider range of products

3. Encourage Promotion Uptake

4. Incentive Prompt Payment

5. Reward for Exclusive Ranging/Catalog Ranging

6. Promote Training attendance

7. Much More...

Bridging Yesterday's Strategies, with Today's Technology

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