KSOM Partnership Opportunities

Partnership Opportunities

Openesoft Consulting

KSOM has penetrated the enterprise, and open source usage continues to increase each year. Technology providers that can deliver open source services, stacks, and product choices are ideally positioned to serve enterprise customers in this growing market.

KSOM partners with commercial open source vendors, global systems integrator, open source VARs, and technology providers to deliver open source solutions and services to enterprises around the world. See the categories below to determine what type of partnership is right for your company.

KSOM helps partners to:

  1. Create new, predictable revenue streams
  2. Extend solutions horizontally through enterprise customers
  3. Augment open source knowledge and expertise
  4. Lower internal service delivery costs

Support Partners

KSOM leverages a network of support partners to provide enterprises with the best possible technical support. The support partner network complements KSOM internal resources and the KSOM Export Community, individual committers and contributors on open source projects who are paid by KSOM to resolve our customer's support issues.

Support partners have deep expertise in one or more of the open source packages that KSOM supports and work with KSOM to resolve customer issues.

System Integrator Partners

KSOM works with system integrator partners to provide enterprises with secure, integrated open source solutions that achieve business objectives at a lower cost.

System integrator partners can deliver consulting engagements around KSOM solutions and incorporate KSOM solutions and services into their own service offerings.

Service Partners

KSOM works with service partners to provide customers with a variety of services around open source software and KSOM solutions.

Service partners may be VARs or regional system integrators. They can deliver consulting services around KSOM solutions and incorporate KSOM solutions and services into their own service offerings. Become a Partner

Bridging Yesterday's Strategies, with Today's Technology

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