Outsource and Nearshore


KSOM provides onsite development services to clients if required, and partial or complete projects teams are sent to client's location to develop, release, and maintain the product or application. Our onsite development model is flexible to adapt to different requirements of clients, such as augmenting their development or QA teams, forming a new and complete project team, getting architects and designers for a new technology development, and so on..

Near Shore

To better meet Client needs, we are strengthening IT Outsourcing and Staffing Services by the use of Nearshore and Onshore Models for multiple verticals in the US and Canada. By better utilizing creative sourcing strategies, we provide an effective Solution which effects 10 to 20% decrease of the total cost of outsourced Professional Talent. Nearshore sourcing is accomplished by utilizing the talent and experience of professionals from Latin America, mainly Mexico, working either at our Client's site in the US or in our remotely in any of our Operating centres across the Globe.

Business Process Outsourcing

We offer an entire spectrum of services, which enable customers to add value to their existing businesses, in an unprecedented manner. The world over it is a proven fact that prompt customer service is the success mantra, for the growth of any business. We completely understand your requirements and provide you with comprehensive out bound call center services.

Bridging Yesterday's Strategies, with Today's Technology

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